How to Feel Beautiful Inside and Out
Feel Beautiful Inside and Out - Complementary therapies to balance mind, body and soul
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One of many reasons to ditch the sugar
Lasting Effects of Antibiotics
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Did You Know ...
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How to Feel Beautiful Inside and Out

Did You Know ...

One of many reasons to ditch the sugar

When it comes to getting nutrients into cells where they need to be, sugar is in direct competition with vitamin C. This means that the more sugar (and carbohydrates) you consume, the less effective your body becomes at taking up and using vitamin C - a scary fact!
We think of vitamin C as being good for keeping colds and flu at bay, but it plays a role in so many other vital functions, like being a co-factor in the absorption of many other nutrients, helping to recycle vital antioxidants such as glutathione, and helping to build and maintain collagen needed for healthy skin, bones, joints and much more.

Lasting Effects of Antibiotics

Did you know....

A new study has shown that taking a week-long course of antibiotics can impact the health of your gut for up to a year afterwards!

All the more reason to focus on improving immune function, as well as general health and vitality.

Click here to read the full study.

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